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Thursday, March 7, 2013

William Adams

William Adams of Hutchinson found Dead
This morning a message was received by the city Marshall here stating that Will Adams of Hutchinson had been killed at Sterling last night. There were no particulars regarding the death in the message, it merely containing the words Will Adams was killed last night, please notify his parents. They live near the Star Salt Plant. The message was signed by the City Marshall of Sterling. The Adams family live a short distance southeast of the Star Salt Plant. The son Will is about eighteen years old and is said to have been a pretty wild boy.
The news of the son’s death was taken to the parents by Marshall Hedden. The shock was so great that the parents have not yet made arrangements about bringing the body home. The young man left the home only last evening. His folks understood that he was going to Nickerson to attend a party or dance.
A special received by the News from Sterling these evening states that the young man was probably killed in trying to board a train. No other news of the death has been received here. The special says that the dead body of a young man named Will Adams of Hutchinson was found at 2:30 this morning at the crossing of the Santa Fe and Missouri Pacific railroad near Sterling by the train crew of an East bound Santa Fe freight. The body was brought to Sterling. The head was mashed and bruised. He had been in Sterling last evening and it is supposed he fell while attempting to board an east bound freight about midnight. The corner is holding and inquest this afternoon.

Death Date: October 27, 1899

Hutchinson Daily News 
October 28, 1899

Submitted by Kathleen Dankanyin
Lot 852 

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