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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I updated the blog pages today. I am still compiling the history information and will post that later. Stop by the Mausoleum page and read about the first mausoleum built in a Kansas cemetery, right here in Hutchinson.

Lot 6

  • Dawes, Paul [Unmarked]
  • Dawes, Arden
  • Gibbs, Ada
  • Gibbs, Dennis S. [Unmarked]
  • Gibbs, Lula M. [Unmarked]
  • Masters, Infant [Unmarked]
  • Masters, Infant E. S. [Unmarked]
  • Powell, Thomas G.
  • Wilson, Albert J
  • Wilson, M. J. [Unmarked]
  • Wilson, Mattie J.

Lot 6

Lot 5

All graves are unmarked. Only stone on the lot is GAMBLE surname.
  • Albright, Lovina
  • Albright, J. C.
  • Blaisar, Anna
  • Blasiar, Frank
  • Blasiar, Richard
  • Gamble, Lydia N.
  • Gamble, R. W.
  • Gamble, Robert W.
  • Yerkes, Emma P
  • Yerkes, Norval
  • Yerkes, Infant J. F.
  • Yerkes, S. E.
Lot 5

Lot 4

  • Beetley, Oliver Victor [Unmarked]
  • Gamble, Henry M.
  • Gamble, Julia F
  • Milroy, Mary [Unmarked]
  • Tedrick, Infant [Unmarked]

Lot 4

Friday, August 5, 2011

Lot 3

  • Click, Mathias [Unmarked]
  • Fritsch, Goldie May [Unmarked]
  • Gamble, M. [Unmarked]
  • Gamble, Nellie [Unmarked]
  • Merchant, Infant Son [Unmarked]
  • Merchant, Infant Son [Unmarked]
  • Wells, Minnie Mann

    Lot 3
So sad this lot has just one marked grave.