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Friday, March 8, 2013

Fred Tucker

Dr. Tucker Drops Dead 
Heart Disease which he has suffered with for some time brings the end.
Death came very suddenly to Dr. Fred Tucker shortly before 8 o’clock this morning. For some time he had been seriously affected by heart trouble. Last evening in conversing with friends, however, he said that he was feeling much better and talked very hopefully about his condition. This morning at 7:30 he came from his rooms over the Star Clothier Store and went to the Reno House for breakfast. As he entered the hotel he was noticed at stagger slightly and walked a little way past the corner, as though unable to guide his footsteps to the door. He turned then and just as he reached the door fell upon the sidewalk. He was picked up and taken into the hotel office and placed in an armchair. He appeared to be still conscious and after two or three efforts drew his keys from his pocket. His words were incoherent, but he managed to make his friends understand that he wanted some medicine from his room. Captain Hedden hurried to the rooms and returned with some tablets which Dr. Tucker had been taking. He took one of the tablets, but just following he began gasping and was dead in a few moments.
Before his health began failing he practiced over a large territory and was perhaps the best known dentist in the early settlement of Western Kansas. He was not only well known but was universally liked. He was temperate in habits and kind in disposition. He had a high standing in the Masonic order and the knights Templar of this city will have charge of the funeral, unless it is decided to send the body east for burial. This matter will not be decided until word is received from his brother, E. R. Tucker of Waterbury, Conn.
For the past twenty –five years Dr. Tucker has almost continuously been a boarder at the Reno Hotel, nearly since the time that the house was built. His only relatives are a brother and two sisters in the east. This brother has been wired and the funeral arrangements will not be made until an answer is received.

Death Date: February 11, 1899

Hutchinson Daily News 
February 11, 1899

Submitted by Kathleen Dankanyin
Lot 255 

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