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Friday, September 7, 2012

Reason Sherman Monroe

Reason Sherman Monroe - Police Officer

On July 1, 1924 Sherman was shot three times as he attempted to arrest Maynor Cheek near the Brubaker grocery on Adams Street between Ave. A and Ave. B. He had answered a call to the Cheek home where it was reported Cheek and his wife were arguing. Cheek had left with his two year old son and gone to the grocery store. As Monroe approached Cheek he was shot. He did not return fire for fear of hitting the child. Cheek was arrested a few hours later. Sherman died of his wounds on July 2, conscious throughout his fight to live. His funeral was held from the Presbyterian Church with the Rev. John Barker presiding. He was laid to rest at Eastside Cemetery.

On July 3rd Cheek was arraigned on charges of first degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison, to be served at the state penitentiary at Lansing. On July 5th, in the custody of Under Sheriff Fay Brown, he was taken to Lansing.

Reno County Marriage Records:
R. Sherman Monroe married Angie Troup on 9/3/1899 in Reno County.
The 1910 census indicates this was his first marriage and her second marriage.

3rd Reno County officer to lose his life in the line of duty.
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