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Monday, May 14, 2012

Eugene Mullins

Eugene Mullins, the 5 year old son of William Mullins, who was accidentally shot by his father a few days ago while target shooting, died at an early hour this morning at the Stewart Hospital. He had lingered quite a long time, but he gradually grew weaker and weaker all the time and there seemed to be no chance for him to live. Little Eugene was with his father a few days ago at their home in Seventeenth Avenue West when they were shooting at a target. Something got wrong with the gun and the father tried to fix it. While he was working with it the boy ran around in front and the charge was exploded at the same time, the bullet passing through his abdomen. He was taken at once to the hospital and everything possible was done for him but there was no way to save his life. It is a very sad affair for the father and the other relatives. The funeral will be held from the home tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, the Rev. Van Dolah, officiating. The internment is to be in Eastside Cemetery.

Hutchinson News 

January 8, 1904

Submitted by Kathleen Dankanyin
Lot 817 

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