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Monday, July 11, 2011

Lot 2

  • Cochran, Nellie [Unmarked]
  • Delano, Sarah A.
  • Delano, B. M. Dr.
  • Fowler, A. C. [Unmarked]
  • Rechel, Abbie J.
  • Rechel, George P.
  • Rechel, Infant,
  • Stout, Rosetta [Unmarked ]

Lot 2


  1. Do you happen to have a photo of the gravesite of that "Nellie Cochran" listed at the top of this post? A few years ago my husband's ex-wife asked me to research her grandfather. She tried in the 70s but found nothing. I found him...Frank E. Cochran, whose 2nd wife was a Nellie Beath Cochran. They lived in Hutch. Maybe this is the same one. I'd love to have a picture of her headstone if you have it.

    1. Becky...not sure why I never got a notice on this comment. As noted in the list her grave is unmarked. I could pull the interment sheet, if you would like, to know what information it has.


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